Here Are The Right Spelling Of Unique Cities Name To Pronounce

unique cities name to pronounce

Have you ever been corrected by someone when telling something? It seems weird or embarrassing indeed. But that is important, so there is no one misunderstood. In this article, you will find several cities that have different spelling from its written. You might ever speak it but nobody corrected you. It is okay because not many people know the right spell. Now find out the unique cities name to pronounce so you won’t be wrong anymore.

The cities like that are over the world. If you really want to hear the right spelling, you probably need to visit that place first. Then, learn from the local people how to say it. But sometimes even though you already learned directly, your tongue will feel strange. Whatever it is, these are the unique cities name to pronounce you must correct:

1. Lafayette (Louisiana)

This city is one of the popular cities in the US. When you read the city, you probably read by “lah-fey-yet” or “lah-fi-yet”. Those are totally wrong. This is the right one, “laff-EE-yet”. There is a punch in the middle of spelling. Thus, we write EE with capital letters. The name of this city was from Marquis de Lafayette. He was a French military officer and an aristocrat. When the American Revolutionary War happened, he was fought.

2. Brisbane (Australia)

Another popular city which usually mispronounced is Brisbane. Only Aussies say this city with “bris-bn”. They don’t even see there is an “a” there. So, it is wrong when you say “bris-ben” or “bris-bain”. When you visit that city, you won’t hear a pronounce like that. But that is okay, the citizens will never get bored to correct you.

3. Phuket (Thailand)

Thailand is a country in Asia where you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. Just like the Asian country, Thailand also has a special place to visit, it is Phuket. Many people are confidence by saying Phuket with “phu-ket” or “fu-ket”. Make sure that you have learned the right pronunciation before visiting that city. The right one is “poo-ket” or “poo-get”. Don’t read this city using English pronunciation. The “ph” there cannot be replaced with “f” or “p”.

4. Versailles (French)

Be careful in saying this city. Many people are wrong reading Versailles. That is why Versailles is one of the unique cities name to pronounce. Read this: “ver-sigh” clearly and in a proper way, then you can go to French. Most tourists read “ver-sails” or “ver-seiles”. There is no one right from both of them. Speaking French words sometimes a little bit tricky. Your tongue must be on the right side to result in the right pronunciation.

5. Nottingham (England)

As a football lover, you must not speak this city in the wrong way. How come you mispronounce the football club you love? Don’t be like an American who sees the “ham” on the word. Read this as “notting-hm”, without “a” or “ham” at the end. Learn to speak “notting-hm” for times, then you are proven as their big football club fans.

If you want to explore more about the unique cities name to pronounce, you will find many others. Whether in Asia, Europe, America, Australia, and Africa, they have special cities like this. Learn the right pronunciation is important, even though you might not visit that place.

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