Top 5 Unexpected World’s Heritages You Should Know

All world heritages must have an interesting story and witness a tradition or human civilization. This could be derived from natural phenomena or technology created by humans. Then, no wonder you can meet the unexpected world’s heritages.

unexpected worlds heritage

A unique and interesting world heritage can come from all over the world. All of these world heritages have an interesting story and there is only one in the world. The following are 5 lists of unexpected world’s heritages that you should know:

1. Giant’s Causeway

This is a very unique beach and there is only one in the world. So, this site is one of the first sites in the United Kingdom as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986. This site has 40,000 hexagon-shaped basalt columns (hexagon) neatly arranged on the beach.

Geological research says that lava that was frozen 60 million. However, ancient Irish tales mention that the stone columns were former stone bridges made by the Irish giant. That is what causes this site to have the name Giant’s Causeway.

2. Vredefort Dome

Vredefort Dome is the largest impact crater ever on the face of the Earth. The diameter of this dome is around 40 km. When visiting this area, you will see small hills in the form of large domes with beautiful valleys in between.

The dome is actually a crater and it comes from the meteorite. It becomes one of the oldest and largest meteorite craters on Earth. This site is very important because it is the only meteorite crater with a fully intact geological profile. This site is very interesting because it has a high value on human civilization.

3. Wadi Al-Hitan

Valley of the Whales or Wadi Al-Hitan is located in the desert in Egypt. This site contains fossils that show the evolution of whales from originally a land mammal to a sea creature. Not only whales, but there are also skeletons of Sirenia sea cows, sea turtles, and sea snakes. You will find a lot of uniqueness here.

This site is unique because it has a large number of perfect quality fossils. The preservation quality is very good so you can still see the stomach contents in the fossil. Therefore, this site has produced hundreds of high-quality fossils.

4. Fagus Shoe Last Factory

This factory is located in Germany and was founded in 1911. Moreover, this factory produces footprints for shoes. The owner of this factory requested that the architect design a building that is comfortable for its workers.

This building has a striking structure, with large glass walls that allow sunlight to enter the room directly. Moreover, this building represents modern aspects and transparency. Because this building is just a shoe factory, this building becomes one of the unexpected world’s heritages.

5. Grimeton Radio Station

This building is a radio station for flight purposes. Moreover, this radio station was built in 1924 and located in Sweden. Grimeton is an example of the best radio station for trans-Atlantic communication.

This building has a neo-classical style and has a transmitter tower. Its transmitter tower was once the worst structure in Sweden. Now, this radio station is no longer in operation but all the equipment is still on display there.

Now you know the unexpected world’s heritages. World heritages mentioned above are not only unique but also interesting. You can visit them later if you have the chance.

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