Top Reality Shows About Fashion for Your Beauty References

A reality show is a phenomenon. Moreover, it seems like they beat the original kind of TV drama series. The fashion reality show is also jumping on board today. Surprisingly, they put a supermodel and celebrity on the show. They also have drama and conflict. So, below is the list of top reality shows about fashion:

1. Project Runway

The Emmy Award-winning Project Runway is the most-watched of the top reality shows about fashion. The show is about a competing design project. Additionally, every week judges will eliminate one contestant. Project Runway was originally created by Eli Hozman and hire Heidi Klum as the host.

The show gains its popularity not only because of the design competition, but also the drama. Sometimes, the contestant fighting each other is an interesting thing to watch. But most of all, watching every contestant finish the project in very limited time is the interesting part.

2. What Not To Wear

This show is nominated for the BAFTA award. Style expert Stacy London and Clinton Kelly are the hosts of this show, this show has winning the audience’s attention. What Not To Wear is a show where “victim” is chosen by their friends or family. Participants could be all over America, and once they are chosen, they have to fly to New York City.

What Stacy London and Clinton Kelly must do is criticize the victim’s wardrobe. Not only criticize, but also give them suggestions and style tips. More importantly, victims get a $5000 credit card to shop! With a treatment like this, everyone is willing to be a victim.

3. How Do I Look

How Do I Look is a reality show on fashion broadcasted by Style Network. Jeannie Mai is the host and did an incredible job on that show. Meanwhile, this show is about someone giving intervention to their friend. Later on, style expert will also give intervention to the style-challenged individuals.

Usually, a victim is someone who dresses poorly or mismatched. In the end, the host will set a meeting with the three accomplices. Additionally, they will decide which makeover plans are the best. How Do I Look also expand their show to Asia.

4. Fashion Police

Fashion Police are known for their critics of celebrity’s red carpet outfit. This show was hosted by the late Joan Rivers and after that Kathy Griffin. Sadly, after airing for 22 years, this show must end. Joan Rivers’s daughter, Melissa Rivers is very proud that the show takes part in changing the fashion and mode industry.

5. America’s Next Top Model

No one can deny that Tyra Banks is the icon of the show. The show itself runs for 12 years. Meanwhile, the show is about the competition to be America’s Top Model. Every week, judges will evaluate each contestant based on their appearances, success in the challenge and most importantly the photoshoot session.

The above top reality shows about fashion enlarge people’s knowledge of fashion. Besides, the fashion industry needs them as a support system. The success of these reality shows often adapts around the world. No wonder that some of them have a franchise in another continent.

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