Marketing Versus Public Relations, Similar But Not Same

Sometimes, someone will be asking what is marketing versus public relations (PR) means. In case, they asked it because they wanted to know how far you understand the difference between the two of them. 

Honestly, there is a big difference between marketing and public relations when you pay attention to it. Two of those activities are part of the communication. The big difference between the two of them is in the orientation. Let’s start to discuss marketing versus public relations one by one.

Traditional Definitions

Let’s start marketing versus public relations with discuss a basic definition of that word at first. This will be the main function of those activities. Marketing: this is a program of business where companies start to promoting and selling their products. It also includes research on available market and advertising.

Public Relations: public relations usually mean professionals that hold the image of the company in public. This means public relations only focused on image building. The main difference is public relations only focused to build a good image or positive reputation of the company. While marketing focused on promoted and selling a company’s product.

Comparison Between Marketing Versus Public Relations

We’re gonna tell you the difference between marketing and public relations in each component. With this, you will see the difference more clearly.

1. Activities

Marketing only does a promotional and advertising things on the company. The company does this because they need to fulfill the target sales. On the other hand, public relations (PR) focused on the reputation of the company. They work to build a good name for the company through positive media coverage.

2. Target Audiences

The target of marketing is only on potential customers that can buy their products. Besides, PR should hold good relationships with anyone. In short, PR had a larger area to reach.

3. Two Separate Goals

Marketing has a goal to reach all the customers and take their interest to buy the products. Essentially, marketing goals is only about making the company sell many products or their service. On the other hand, PR’s goals are where the company had positive communication between a company or stakeholder. In conclusion, marketing is trying to achieve more customers while PR builds a good reputation for it.

4. Longevity

Marketing usually used in a short term activity, where PR used for a long period. Marketing has an instant result. We can see hows this sector can give the result from the data of sales. Moreover, the PR result only can see in the long term if it is going well. But the benefits of the company that PR gives just like doing investment in the long term. PR can give you many future achievements.

5. Metrics of Success

You can see marketing as a successful one when they reach sales goals. Moreover, comparing the profit they made with a cost they spent on marketing is also can be metrics to see. On the other hand, the PR person is successful when he can make a lot of positive vibes about the company on the public. We also can see it from awards that they take at many industry events.

In conclusion, marketing versus public relations didn’t have a winner as a result. They both hold a big impact on the company. They may look the same, but the two are different.

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