How To Make Photography Portfolio Website Easily Like A Pro

how to make photography portfolio website

Sometimes people want to be a freelancer. It is suitable for those who don’t love routine or won’t get stuck in office politics. So, they decide to take a job without an office hour commitment or something like the ordinary employee has. Thus, being a photographer becomes popular because this job gives you high payment with flexible working hours. Find out how to make photography portfolio website, it is one key to make you a successful one.

Actually, there is no standard about the portfolio website. All best practice can be seen from the expert or the pro. As long as people can see your work, then it could be considered as your portofolio. But here, we will tell you how to make photography portfolio website until people think you are experienced:

1. Photo Selection

Of course, the first thing you must do is selecting the photos. It is okay to show all of your results, but it would be better just to display the best ones. By choosing a certain photo, people will know your interest too. Whether for fashion, food, natural, sport, or anything. The more specific your photo, the easier your potential client considers you. If you still want to show another theme, you might separate several photos and give them tags.

2. Choose the Right Domain

The domain shows people your website name. Once it seems not catchy or untrusted, they probably won’t visit yours. There are lots of domains. Choose the right one for you and create the name. Your website could describe your name, your personality, or anything. The simpler, the more unique, the easier people to remember.

3. Nice and Simple Look

Have you ever visited the expert photographer website? Most of them have a simple look. It feels so elegant and they really concern to show their photos, not themselves. This is how to make photography portfolio website you need to learn. It is okay to pick two or three sites as your references. But don’t copy the whole part of them. Keep your personality and taste inside because it is your website.

4. Organize!

Have you already selected the pictures? Great then! Now is the time to organize them, so people are comfortable visiting your website. At the homepage, you can put all pictures related to your dominant interest. Use the menus feature to group other photos based on your want. Make your website reflects your brand personality and photo style.

5. Do a Marketing

Doing this step doesn’t mean you obviously sell yourself. Even though the final goal is increasing web traffic, you better do this smoothly. Because professional photographers must be having numbers of followers. Share the website link, for example through your social media. Just be confident that your photos are as good as the pro, even it cannot be equal.

Actually, there are still many steps you need to do to be like a pro. For further steps are like SEO strategy, website design, review regularly, and many more. But those steps of how to make photography portfolio website is the easy things to do. Start by doing the steps above, then learn more for photography skill so you become the real pro.

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