5 Games That Went Viral And You Must Try Them

When someone asks you about what game you want to play? Or what is the game that is recommended to play? You may not be confused when someone asks you about it. What you need to say is recommend them to play the games that went viral. Why it should be the viral game? Cause, something viral means that it is already famous and everybody knows about it.

Therefore, you need to know and try to play the game that went viral. Moreover, you can share and play it with your friends. Are you interested in trying the games that went viral? Here are them.

1. PUBG Mobile

The first game that went viral is PUBG mobile. All of you might be familiar with PUBG. The player’s unknown battle or PUBG is a game that provides you to have a challenge with a gun. You will play with your friend as one gang that battle with another gang. Not only having a good concept, but the PUBG game also has good graphics with high quality. This graphic can make the player feel more real when playing the game.

The other profit in this PUBG mobile is now you can play PUBG in a simple way which is used smartphone as the tools.

2. The Mobile Legends

Another game that went viral is Mobile Legend. Who doesn’t know about this game? Everybody knows and plays this game. Not only an adult, but this game also exists among the teenager and children. Many of them play this game.

The mobile legend has many fans. We cannot regret that Mobile Legend becomes the best game in 2019. This game is very fun and easy to play. That becomes the reason why people like to play this game.

3. The Clash of Clans game

Next is the clash of clans game. This game is also known as the COC game. The COC game becomes the game that went viral around 3-4 years ago. Many people like to play this game. No place without a child who plays the COC game. Everybody in every place plays this game until it called a COC disease.

Besides the existence of the COC, this game has a great concept. You play to build your kingdom and try to make it strong. So the enemy will not smash your kingdom. You can also design your kingdom as you want. Whether you want to create a pattern or not.

4. The Dragon Ball Legends

The last game that went viral is the dragon ball legend. If you know about the dragon ball cartoon, you will know about this game. This game has the same actor with the cartoon dragon ball, the name is Goku. Same as the dragon ball film, in this game you need to fight with the enemy and collect the dragon ball. This game has a good graphic and makes you more interested in playing this game.

So, how about the explanation above? If you curious with them, you must download them in the play store and try to play them with your friends. All of them are games that went viral that you need to try. You will be like it.

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