5 Countries With Cleanest Air In The World, Which Makes It Comfortable When Traveling

About 95 percent of the world’s population breathe unhealthy air. According to the annual report of the State of Global Air Report, long-term exposure to air pollution contributed to around 6 million deaths worldwide in 2016. However, there are still countries with cleanest air that needs to be visited.

5 Countries With Cleanest Air In The World, Which Makes It Comfortable When Traveling

1. Finland

Finland ranks first as the cleanest country in the world with a score of 90.68. This country has a very extraordinary idea, namely that its population does not need private vehicles anymore. In other words, public transportation in this place is very important.

There are currently more than 3,800 kilometers of bicycle lanes. Moreover, Finland have ranked at the top in several fields, such as occupation, civil liberties, economic competitiveness, human development and quality of life.

Many areas in Finland are pure and virgin because they have 35 national parks ranging from the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland to Lapland is maintained the quality of its ecosystem.

2. Iceland

The second country that received the title of the cleanest country in the world is Iceland. This country managed to collect a score of 90.51 in the Environmental Performance Index.

Iceland is famous for its unspoiled nature and unique nuance. Therefore do not be surprised if Icelandic tourism has developed quite rapidly over the past 15 years.

3. Sweden

In third place is Sweden which won 90.43 points. Sweden is one of the countries in beautiful northern Europe and is a major tourist destination in the Scandinavian region. The country that embraces the royal system has a variety of very beautiful tourist attractions.

One of the famous tourist attractions of the third-largest country in the European Union is Gotland Island. The winner of the greenest and cleanest city deserves this city. Despite the title, the city of Stockholm still wants to reduce carbon emissions by 25 percent.

4. Spain

The country of origin of the Barcelona and Real Madrid soccer clubs has a score of 88.91 points. As the name of 2 big clubs, the main tourism in this country is located in two famous cities namely Madrid and Barcelona.

Spain is the second most visited country by tourists in the world after France. It is not surprising that they can attract more than 60 million people annually, Residents in the city of Madrid, Spain.

Especially those residing in the Malasana district prefer to walk or bike than to drive a motorized vehicle as transportation. So, do not be surprised if this country is one of the countries with cleanest air in the world.

5. Portugal

The country of birth of footballer Christiano Ronaldo earned 88.63 points. Although its territory is not as big as Spain, Portugal is a very developed country because it’s economic, political and social conditions are extremely stable.

It can even maintain well along with the high Human Development Index. So Portugal is a countries with cleanest air in the world.

In addition, tap water in Portugal is safe to drink and tastes good. tourists visiting several cities in Portugal also have the option to buy bottled water if you don’t like the taste.

Countries with cleanest air can be useful as an example for other countries can be a clean country. In addition, clean air conditions will make citizens comfortable to live.

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