5 Cheapest Country To Live That Hard To Believe

At this time, people started to think that a country with a lower cost will give a better living. If you choose the expensive one, your life may be full of bad thoughts. You will be harder to get money, and it will not be that far. In short, people usually searching for the cheapest country to live in.

Low-cost countries offered many good jobs. In contrast, you will get lower salaries if you choose the wrong one. The cheapest country also can be your destination for a vacation. You can choose this cheapest country to live in or to vacations.

1. Vietnam

We put Vietnam in the first place because this country had a lot of exotic places. Fortunately, the living cost here also low. Full of stunning landscape, this is a dream place for the traveler. However, the cost of living in this country is different in every city. A main big city like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, and Da Nang have the highest cost.

If you can teach English, you can do it here. English teacher is the most popular job in this country with a salary between $1,100 to $1,700. Above all, you will be like Vietnamese foods because it is cheap and have good taste.

2. Costa Rica

Who didn’t know about this city? Costa Rica is a big and popular country in Central America. However, you will fall in love with many beautiful things like a lush jungle, tropical beaches, and friendly locals. This country is one of the cheapest countries to live in where you will feel comfortable.

Honestly, Costa Rica is more expensive from Guatemala or Nicaragua. We not only just talk about living costs but also what kind of advantages they offer. You can be an English teacher, Tourism Guide, or Scuba Diving teacher to get more money.

3. Bulgaria

It is unusual things when the European countries are classified as one of the cheapest countries. This is a central country where you can visit Greece, Turkey, and Romania easily. If you are tired to work in a place with a high price like France or Italy, this could be your alternative.

However, Bulgaria has become a favorite country for backpackers because anything is cheap here. For example, you can rent a bedroom apartment with only $230 for a month. English teacher is also a popular job like two countries before.

4. Mexico

Canadians and Americans can get this place easily. Besides, this place also had a great view. You will love this country because here you will be accepted for who you are. You can apply to other companies to work in tourism, English teacher, au pair or sales.

However, this country offered many famous foods like tacos or tamales at a cheaper cost. You will love to live in this country with a lot of places to visit. The favorite jobs you can do in here is tourism or an English teacher.

5. South Africa

South Africa is of the VIVA World Champions in 2010. This can be your alternative country. There are available much beautiful wild nature with a thousand type of animals.

You can see a lion near you and get bitten. However, African people still hold their ancestors that chosen by the entire world. With many natural and cultural diversity, South Africa will not make you feel bored.

So there is a top 5 cheapest country to live in that can be your next destination. You will like one of them, but where is the most lovable country for you?

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