5 Best Farming Games for PC to Play Right Now

If you are bored with your daily routine, you can play games. You can try farming games for PC because the theme is interesting and exciting. You will have a farming routine that is different from your daily life.

There are many farming games for PC that you can play. You can choose a farming game that has a fun storyline and good animation. The following is a list of games that have farming themes that you can play on PC:

est Farming Games for PC

1. Stardew Valley

This is a game made by ConcernedApe that has attracted quite a lot of attention lately. Moreover, this game is similar to the Harvest Moon game that was already popular. Although similar, there are various aspects that make this game very unique and worth playing.

No wonder PC gamers will love this game with the theme of agriculture and farming. The characters will have the task to take care of poultry and the harvest to be collected into income that can be enjoyed. Besides, the main character must also fulfill certain game missions.

2. FarmVille

In this game, you will become the owner of a farm. In the beginning, you will have a small farm and surrounded by empty land full of grass. Over time though, you will enlarge agriculture, raise various livestock and grow a variety of useful vegetables and fruits.

You will grow wheat to make flour and feed cows. The cow will give you milk. You use the flour and milk to make cakes, which you end up selling to the demand board. So, you use the money to buy various objects that can help you get more money.

3. World’s Dawn

You will play a game where you will live in a seaside village. You can grow your own food and live a peaceful life. Moreover, you can also choose to do your own work as you wish. You can be a farmer and take care of plants and food.

If you like animals, you can also raise animals. In addition, you can also have a romantic relationship in this game. There are lots of townspeople around so you can interact with them. These features make this game much more fun and exciting.

4. Harvest Moon

This game tells about a character that inherited land from his deceased grandfather. You will take care of all kinds of things such as taking care of the garden, raising and caring for some animals.

You also have to establish good relations with the villagers by socializing and participating in events held in the village. In addition, you can also marry the female characters in the village. You can even have children from marriage.

5. Staxel

If you enjoy games like Minecraft and Harvest Moon, then you will like this game. This game is an RPG game with worlds like Minecraft and farming gameplay similar to the Harvest Moon series.

You will have land for farming and raising that is not maintained. So, you have the duty to restore the land and make it perfect. Moreover, you can visit the village and socialize with the local people. You can make friends with them; even get married if you meet a partner that you are happy with.

It turns out that many farming games for PC that are very interesting to play. You can try one of the 5 games that you think is fun. Although they have the same theme the features are different.

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